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>> a car. workers in one bay area walked off the job and the decision that left both sides at the impact and are we about to see another twist of the timetable for opening the bay bridge, could it really happen just three weeks from today? complete bay area news cov starts right now. good evening it is tuesday, august 13, i am gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. we are going to a live look tonight. the committee has scheduled the public hearing for thursday morning to reveal the date for opening. that development comes after federal officials approved of the temporary fix of broken bolts that's supposed to keep the
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bridge safe in the event of an earthquake. even though it is only three weeks from today, officials say it is a big job. >> opening a bridge, getting the construction completed and dealing with the public's notice and all these things are significant with details that they're making sure they got all of these before they make the announcement. >> they're taking no chances. they have signing off officer to work overtime on labor day weekend should the bridge opens. officials say the main cable of the tower will be lit tonight with state of the art efficient lights as well as the rest of the road way. led use half of the energy. we'll have a live report from the bridge deck tonight on the 10:00 news. anybody is going to feel
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what i am feeling until they go through it. it is my son and grandson. stop the violence, put them down, put the guns down. >> baby drew jackson and his 22 22-year-old father were shot to death, six days ago. oakland police attend the conference and encourage witnesses to come forward. it is added $20, 000 to the reward. a pedestrian was struck and killed at the construction at san jose college. details of how it happened and the concerns raised. >> reporter: this area of the fine arts building have been blocked off of red and yellow tapes. at 11:00 a.m. noontime a pedestrian was struck in this
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front loader. rushed to medical center and apparently died from the injuries. investigators are not giving out information but sources tell me the victim was a female pedestrian. officials did not say if she was a student or in coming student employee. the full time employee was hoping to install an under ground water vowel. >> it was drilled under the lawn and that part had nothing to do with any of these. >> what was the tractor doing at the time then? >> he was taking a load of dirt into one corner of the job's site >> it is not yet clear of cal-osha will also investigate. one city want to know if the pedestrian was at fault or the construction site is dangerous. >> they could have been more caution roping off or making it more noticeable for people going through that part that this is not an area that you go through.
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>> how about for you, are you going to be more caution now? >> definitely >> the coroner's office says they have not contacted the family and will not release the details of the victim tonight. in san jose robert honda ktvu channel 2 news god bless our family. friends of sandra coke reacted with sadness after police identified the body of the missing woman. convicted rapist of randy alana is a person of interest of this case. investigators say he was seen with coke of the night she appeared. the 52-year-old is now being held of parole violation. >> randy alana is still considered a person of interest. >> >> investigators
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are not revealing any details of the case including how coke died. coke's family is devastated by the loss of the be loved sandra, the statement goes on saying all of us will miss the beautiful sandra coke and the family also asked for time to mourn the loss. doctors will work to repair the injuries from sunday's attack. it is unclear of where the child will be treated. he was air lifted in sacramento following the attack, because of insurance concerns, the child maybe transfer to a computerized ser affiliated hospital. 48-year-old richard was arrested last night in redwood city. while in jail he made
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statements that led investigators to the arpt of -- inside was a body of a 47-year-old woman. she worked as counsellor. >> she was a loving person. >> all she did was cared about everybody she came in encould wantered with. encounter with. >> san francisco the largest bus of its kind of the bizarre incident that led officers off to the $1 million worth of drugs. the union workers want a raise, city officials say they need concession. happening now live in hayward and telling us of the union tickets of this past hour. >> reporter: some had gone home but these workers say they plan to be here at 8 tonight until the library closes asking the
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public for support. the city tells me there is no major disruption of the operation of this day one of the three days strike. >> all day union workers turned in the heat and put the heat on hayward city officials. >> i have an 80-year-old mother and a granddaughter, it is not just me i am supporting. >> teresa is with the hayward water department and says she makes an average salary. >> i want my little job and house in hayward, i want you to stop taking it away from me, that's all i ask. >> 350 city workers in hayward's raise water. their contract expires april 30th. they ask for a 5% annual pay increase. >> we took a 12% structure
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change and this year they want another 5%. it is just too much. >> this cost would mean to me about $400 a month which to a family of 5 is a lot of money. >> officials say although the economy is improving the city has a $2. 6 million projected budget for 2014. the department have agreed to some fort of the city's targeted production. >> so the current proposal from the city actually has concession in the first two years in wage increases o the final three. >> reporter: workers in essential services such as the waist water department and the 911 dispatcher r are working through this strike which is expected to last through thursday. reporting live, jana, ktvu channel 2 news there was a confrontation early today, a strike worker reported that he was hit by a
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van at 9 a.m.. the driver of the van might be a replacement worker. the driver told ktvu that she was a citizen. police are investigating. protestors block to block the sale. demonstrators have been camping out of the front of the building for several weeks now. the u.s. commission agreed to put the sales of building on hold until they have a hearing. the hearing is expected to be in october or november. not all the learning will happen inside the classrooms. there are 22 campus guard n&n sports bar district live that's up from 10 last year. a proposition paid for the program of the non profit education outside provided garden mentor.
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>> and a much deeper curiosity. >> i see their energy and, passion and their joy because of the garden. >> san francisco's school officials say they hope to expand the outdoors garden program to 84 campuses next year. go to our website, there you will find of the start date of the bay area and find the link right on the top of our home page. the federal appeal courts for san francisco for tomorrow morning of the ban of the shark fins. other groups are seeking a temporary injunction. . they say the shark is often thrown back in the ocean to die. they say the sharks are caught humanely and all of the parts of the sharks are used.
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silicon's valley get the boost and the choice that helps sent its stock higher and the effort to rescue a puppy struggling for its life. the heat is on around the bay area and coming up what you can expect for your midweek wednesday and just how long this warm up will last.
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some 1200 immigrants sworn in from -- three local winners of the annual celebrated america writing contest. >> the land of peace and opportunity. i am glad that america is a nation because it
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brought my family here. >> thank you. >> both the winners and the second runner up came men ri in richmond. el men ri in richmond. the store on california on franklin street cleared out at 3 p.m. when a refrigerator unit started leaking. fire officials telling us the le freon. david stevenson explains how a trail of blood led to the massive stash. . >> reporter: than 30, 000 pills and 23 kilos of powder. it is known
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as ecstasy or molly. it is estimated as $1. 5 millin . >> sometimes you do get lucky and this instance we were lucky. >> the bus came to an unusual incident sunday morning, witnesses described to us seeing a man died through a glass window. >> there was a gentleman hanging from the fire escape and when i got closer he just kind of drops from the fire escape and fell into the glass. >> that's when they discovered the drugs and $30, 000 in cash and they arrested seven terrelle both of san francisco. >> in february ktvu investigated how molly is increasingly tied to the music scene. san francisco are looking whether if the drugs were outside o of
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music festival. >> police are looking for more suspects and tp department of justice to review the case for possible federal charges as well. in san david stevenson ktvu channel 2 news among the loss and found items, three german passports smart phone and a hearing aid. to reclaim their items by the end of the workday. the panel is poise to revoke the san francisco's accreditation. u.s. education department sent a warning letter to the western community junior colleges. for example, the commission did not have enough
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academic personnel. the federal gave the commission of one year to correct the problem. the 11 billion to merge american airlines and us airways would create the world's largest airlines. saying the deal would lead to higher ticket prices and fees. american and us airways vow to fight back. apple shares is higher today, billionaire icahn pleaded out, to boost the company's stock. apple is buying back about $60 billion in stock. and icahn tweeted out that he has a big stake in apple and things shared right now are under valued. apple helps provide the lift to the broader mark, dows
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gains 31 points and nasdaq gained 14. it is called internet essential. the program offers low in come family online assess and increase the downloading speed of $10, a month. a program back in 2011 benefited families. the company says it is now streamlining enrollment to allow low income family to qualify for the program. rob roth has the story and what the future now holding for her. >> reporter: this dog was apparently close to drowning but she seems to be okay now. the wife of the men who rescued her brought her to the pet hospital to see if this 1-year-old female, perhaps part labrador has an id chip embedded inside, no luck.
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>> i am not finding anything. >> adam. >> to be able to help this poor animal was really, it felt really good. >> he was commuting home yesterday from san francisco to berkeley and he was in a motor boat when he saw a group of surfers who looked like they're having problems. >> we spent ten minutes trying to move the boat around. >> when he got closer he found the dog in the middle of the bay and he took this photo. the surfers could not take the dog so he agreed. so he reached down and grabbed the dog and hold her up in the boat and she was shaking and did not say anything. just did not do anything but started to collapse in the bottom of the boat. >> exhausted. >> exhausted, yeah. >> cone brought the dog home and
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he and his wife took care of her for the rest of the night. >> she was cold and we put a blanket on her. the heart part is over and the dog is safe. >> it was a great experience. >> they say they'll keep the dog until they find the owner or a good home for her, in berkeley rob roth ktvu channel 2 news. rosemary is here with us to talk about the warm up, it is not over yet. some of the warmest temperatures we have seen so far in august. it was really heating up and some areas early today, you can see temperatures have fallen off just a little bit. it is still quite warm. 86 in fairfield and 82 in livermore. sun set at about 8:05. even around the bay, upper 06s in oakland and 71 in redwood city and 70 degrees in san jose so still mild to
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warm if you are plan to get out this evening. the on shore wins with picked up just a bit. i want to point to you the half-moon bay, notice the arrow here, that's a northerly breeze and that helps sweeping away the clouds. so more sunshine around the bay area and along the coastline, we are all in the same boat today as the ridge of high pressure continue to builds in. tomorrow we'll see patchy fog of clear skies and it will be hot inland. tarnd bay it is mostly sunny skies expected once again. tomorrow morning, we'll start out blue skies just a little bit of patchy fog along the coast, inside the bay, 55 in san francisco and lows 50s in napa
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which also means good viewing for the meteor showers going on this evening and 87 tomorrow afternoon and upper 80s in santa rosa and to the east by the way and the east bay sore line and in the santa clara valley, 88 for san jose and 94 for morgan hill and 80 degrees for san mateo and 70 degrees is expected in san francisco and we'll stick with 60s and under mostly warming tomorrow. temperatures will trail off on thursday and more so on friday and as we get into the weekend, upper 80s in the forecast on saturday and mid-90s by sunday. gasia. >> rosemary, thank you. when it come to the first lady, this maybe the first, coming up of the message of mi
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obama's, michelle obama.
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michelle obama making an appearance in this hip hop video. she did not sing but she
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does speak of her anti-childhood of obesity campaign. the song everybody will be released next month to encourage healthy eating by minority children. the students showed up this mercedes, right now there is about 60 of these cars in california. they're hoping to convince people to sign a petition to demonstrate an interest of buying the hydrogen car. we are learning more of the 16 ocean county new jersey workers who are sharing of the million dollars powerball jackpot. >> relatives and co-workers here as a group
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themselves ocean 16 cl price today. >> the 16 winners is getting $3. 8 million. thank you for making ktvu your r news, i am gasia mikaelian. tonight it is being called the most dangerous building on the bay area's campus, the structure and the plant to blow it up. keep in mind tmz is up next here on tv 36.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> one of the x-men stars just learned the only thing creepier than someone breaking into your house and stealing something, breaking into your house and leaving a creepy book. >> famke janssen was on vacation home.e comes she finds a book called "the lonely doll." >> she has kids, right? >> no, she does not have kids. >> lady gaga just released her song. of cool, ied kind thought. >> she looked kind of cool? she looked like a clown tew

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